#TeamCecil attended the Woodlands Republican Women’s meeting on Wednesday, October 14th!

Featured guest speaker Jacquie Baly, is an active Republican political analyst for various television and radio stations, a leader, lecturer for the University of Houston and has served in numerous political positions around Texas. Baly spoke to the crowd about the the current Supreme Court nominee and the importance of this election.

Baly started off by sharing a poll regarding the American public’s opinion on the Supreme Court justice confirmation. “A new poll shows that the majority of Americans want to see Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett appointed; which is recently up by 9%,” Baly stated. Judge Barrett is exceptionally qualified for this position; however, the Democrats are criticizing anything they can, such as her religious views. Well, Baly further explains how “the Democrats have themselves to blame… For instance, in 1994 Joe Biden said that it is our duty and our right to appoint a justice, even if it is an election year.” Baly transitioned into the impact of covid-19 and elaborated on why the Democrats claim that they don’t approve of President Trump’s handling on the pandemic, even though he has followed everything the doctor’s have recommended. For instance, “We had over 100,000 ventilators delivered within 6 weeks, many PPP loans have been given to small businesses that need them and the country has added 1.8 million jobs in the last quarter,” Baly explained. The Democrats are ignoring the facts when they continue to say President Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing. Well, “do you want a president who thinks he’s running for the senate or doesn’t know which state he is in? Joe Biden wouldn’t be our next president… Kamala Harris would be. America gives you the tools to excel, you just have to know how to use them,” Baly expressed to the crowd. She finished off by implying that America cannot let Joe Biden win because this election is about lawlessness vs laws and right vs wrong. Harris County just set a record; 127,000 people have already voted early. The red counties in Texas have to get out and vote!

Did you know?
-President Trump turned over 254 counties who voted for Barack Obama in 2008; the counties voted for Donald Trump instead in 2015.
-The most red county in the state is… Montgomery County!

#TeamCecil had a great time with the Woodlands Republican Women! Keep up the great work ladies🇺🇸👍