#TeamCecil attended the North Shore Republican Women’s Meeting at the Bentwater Yacht & Country Club on Wednesday, September 2nd!

Featured guest speaker, Judge Mark Keough, spoke to the crowd about the impact of covid-19 and the current state of our country. Covid-19 has been going on for months now; so, Judge Keough decided to do some research. On Tuesday, March 3rd, there were around 3,200 cases of covid-19 compared to over 16,000 cases of influenza! Also back in March, 10% of covid-19 cases were put in the hospital and at least 90% of cases were sent home to recover. Of all the people tested since last April, 99% have recovered. “Everyone needs to be aware of this situation… People can’t feed their kids, people are suffering and we can’t keep doing this much longer,” Keough stated.

The emotional impact on the lives of people has been tragic:
-Child abuse has gone up.
-Mental health has decreased.
-Divorce has increased.

“God created us for community, not to be alone in our houses all day,” Keough explained. Furthermore, it is important to know that high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and many more diseases are all comorbidities and increase the risk of patients tremendously when it comes to covid-19. “94% of all cases are comorbidities and if you don’t think this situation is political, you need to pay attention,” Keough stated. People have been protesting non stop around the United States in big groups without masks. Yet, no one talks about this. Keough also noted “I am all about the right to protest; however, when 50,000 people are together in a small space, it is politically motivated.” This is about power, getting Donald Trump out of office and dumbing down the country. People no longer feel that they have a voice.

-Did you know? During this time period, 1 out of every 5 churches has gone out of business. Here’s the deal, we have given so much authority to non elected officials. We have to do whatever we can to win this election, it is so important. Thank you Judge Keough!

#TeamCecil had a great time with the North Shore Republican Women, keep up the great work ladies! 🇺🇸👍