#TeamCecil attended the Montgomery County Pachyderm Club’s Meeting on Friday, September 25th!

Featured guest speaker, Chairman of the Texas Republican Party: LTC Allen West, spoke to the crowd about the importance of the upcoming election.

West started off by explaining how so much change has happened in our nation this year during the pandemic. “How is it that in 2020 liquor stores, grocery stores and malls are open, but churches are closed? The left doesn’t like the three branches of government, but they like the three branches of law,” West stated. For instance, the Democrats are losing their minds that President Trump is about to elect the next Supreme Court Justice and they will do anything they can to try and stop it. Just like they have desperately tried to get President Trump out of office over the past 4 years. It is so important to re-elect President Trump because the radical left will do everything they can to push policies that will turn our great nation into a Socialist country. West implied that “people who know socialism, marxism and communism are rising up angry and they want all Americans to know that this is what drove them out of their countries; all of these people came here for liberty and freedom!” As Republicans, independents and even Democrats, we need to spread our message faster and better than we have been in the previous years. On November 3rd, there are no excuses. We have to work together to get people registered to vote, spread awareness on the importance of this election and support our elected officials!

★ Did you know?
-For the 2016 election, at least 97 million eligible voters did not vote.
-The left only needs 9 state house seats to take over the Texas state house.
-Last election cycle, Republicans lost 56 judicial seats.

Reminders… October 5th is voter registration deadline! Also, if you get a mail-in ballot, take it with you to vote in person. Do not throw it away! There are NO excuses… We all need to get out and vote on Nov. 3rd!

#TeamCecil had a great time with the Montgomery County Pachyderm Club! Thank you LTC Allen West for the great speech.