#TeamCecil attended the Magnolia Area Republican Women’s Meeting on Monday, August 17th; this was the first general meeting since February!

Featured guest speaker Bryan Christ, Chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Party, spoke to the crowd about the importance of the Republican Party. “It is crucial to be as involved as you can in the political process, especially during times like these,” Christ stated. For instance, when voting time comes around this November, the party can provide a slate so voters know more about who they are voting for. Christ also explained that the straight party ticket for voting is gone; we need to make sure voters are involved and educated when it comes to the party and the candidates! To wrap up, It is crucial that people involved in the community make connections with local citizens to help them get registered to vote. Scott Golemon, Chief Justice Elect of the 9th District Court of Appeals, also spoke to the Magnolia Area Republican Women about our judicial system. “It’s a crisis… we have to vet good people; my duty and oath to the community is to follow the law and put more effort into good, qualified judicial candidates,” Golemon stated. Vince Santini, Judge for the 457th District Court, explained how crucial it is that we all get out and vote this November. Santini shared a great example to the crowd of why it is so important to keep Texas red: “My Democrat opponent wanted to increase budgets by 2 million dollars; it’s very unnecessary,” Santini stated. The last speaker of the night, Christian Collins, founder of the Texas Youth Summit and author of the 365 Daily Devotional: Second Wind, talked about why Republican women and education for the youth are so important. Well, why are they? Working women increased tremendously during WWII. In 1945, women compromised over 36% of the civilian labor force. Women were the ones working behind the scenes! We need women today that are willing to do anything to run for office and help the political process. It is so important we get the youth (especially young conservative women) involved in the political process… Most of the people who are burning, rioting and stealing are younger people who hate America. ★Did you know? 61% of 16-24 year olds think socialism is a good idea… Young people need to realize there’s a place for them in the Republican Party. ★Fun Fact: Many of the founding fathers were under 35 when they ran for office! To conclude, this country is not perfect, but we are still a great and exceptional nation; God Bless America!

 #TeamCecil had a great time with the Magnolia Area Republican Women; keep up the great work ladies! 🇺🇸👍