#TeamCecil attended the Lake Conroe Area Republican Women’s meeting on Thursday, October 1st!

Featured guest speaker, Jacquie Baly, is an active Republican political analyst for various television and radio stations, lecturer for the University of Houston and has served in numerous political positions around Texas. Baly spoke to the crowd about the importance of this election. She started off by explaining how “Liberals have no policies… And of any Republican President, Trump has the highest support from Blacks and Latinos.” As we get closer and closer to November, we are going to hear many stories about the president on how he’s racist, anti military, doesn’t want to open up the economy and so much more. So, what needs to be done? Well, we have to continue to spread facts and data, not the lies. “Vice President Biden still has not denounced Antifa and he won’t acknowledge law enforcement in this country… Ask yourself: do you want to raise your children in a world where lawlessness is accepted? This is the world of the left,” Baly explained. It is also so important that Americans know Kamala Harris has openly said she wants to defund law enforcement and she supports open borders. “For the people who are unsure on who to vote for, Joe Biden will not be our next president… Kamala Harris will be,” Baly stated. Baly finished off this great speech by expressing how America will experience major effects as the leftist administration will try to push as many policies as they can through legislation. The Biden / Harris administration will also use fraudulent voting ballots to try and get their way into office; there are no boundaries with the left. So, let’s vote early, make sure our neighbors vote and educate our local communities!

★ Did you know?
-In 2012 alone, the Obama administration deported over 409,000 people; compare this to the Trump administration, which has yet to deport over 260,000 people a year.
-Obama deported over 2.5 million people during his presidency.
-The Trump administration added at least 1.8 million jobs this last quarter before the pandemic began.
-During the Trump administration (before covid-19 hit America), there were record low unemployment rates for Black and Hispanic workers; especially women.

#TeamCecil had a great time with the Lake Conroe Area Republican Women. Keep up the great work ladies!