#TeamCecil attended The Woodlands Republican Women’s Luncheon on Wednesday, August 12th, with featured guest speaker Debi Tengler, Chief Relations Officer for Arrow Child and Family Ministries. Arrow was founded in 1992 by a former foster child who grew up in a loving, Christian foster home.

Tengler’s main roles are to cultivate donor relations and educate the community about Arrow’s mission of helping kids and strengthening families. Tengler Informed the crowd about the importance of working together as a community to educate the public and help the less fortunate. Furthermore, we all need strive to help every foster child experience the unconditional love and commitment of a family, as well as show the support and encouragement of an engaged community.

In conclusion, Its so important that we all work together to keep America’s children safe and stop human trafficking. #Togetherkidswin #Saveourchildren