#TeamCecil attended the North Shore Republican Women’s Meeting on Wednesday, October 7th!

Featured guest speaker, Steve Munisteri is the consultant to Senator Cornyn’s re-election campaign. He is also formerly the Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, Senior Adviser to Senator Rand Paul, Senior Adviser to Chairman Reince Priebus, Deputy Assistant to President Donald Trump and Principal Deputy Director of the Office of Public Liaison in the Trump Administration.

Munisteri started off by sharing how the economy has improved tremendously during the Trump administration and shared how socialism will have extreme effects in America’s future. Since the Trump administration took office, they have made historical peace and trade deals, as well as lowered taxes, increased jobs and revived our military. “Socialism sounds great because people think everything will be taken care of… Well, if we want to win this election, my suggestion is to portray the Republican Party as the party of the American Dream,” Munisteri stated. America is the only country where someone can come over here with no money, no education and make their way to the top with hard work and dedication. “The Republican Party’s platform is based on making your income go up and taxes go down so you can put your kids through school,” Munisteri explained. He also expressed that President Obama left President Trump with an unemployment rate of 4.7%; and before covid-19 hit the United States, the Trump administration worked very hard to reduce that rate. Just earlier this year, the American economy was experiencing an all time low unemployment rate of 3.5%. No matter what the facts are, Munisteri explained how Democrat’s will do anything to get their way back into office. Furthermore, he stated “the Biden campaign announced on Tuesday, October 6th, that they are buying over $6 million worth of ads for Texas, which is a very close state for this upcoming election… Texas is no longer a solid Republican state and we have to do everything we can to get un-registered Republicans registered to vote.” For instance, only just over 8 million Texans voted out of the 15 million that were registered to vote for the Cruz/Beto Senatorial race in 2018. That race was way too close for the Republican Party, and this month we have to continue to register voters daily as November 3rd approaches!

★ Did you know?
-Less than half of young Americans today (around 45%), view capitalism positively.
-Since 2010, young adults’ positive ratings of socialism have hovered near 50%.
-In 2019, the average family wage was up $4,100 from the Obama administration.
-Economies rated “free” or “mostly free” enjoy incomes that are over 5X higher than the incomes of “repressed economies” such as those of North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba.

#TeamCecil had a great time with the North Shore Republican Women. Keep up the great work ladies!