Team Cecil had a great time at the Montgomery County Pachyderm Club’s monthly meeting at Spring Creek BBQ on Tuesday, February 25th!

It is very crucial that the Republican Party not only fight for the state of Texas, but that we all come together and unite nationally.
The Pachyderm Club has a strong vision on how to keep Texas red. The goal is to keep registering potential voters and to get citizens more politically active. For instance, over the past few months, the Montgomery County Pachyderm Club has been working very hard to sign up 150 precinct chairs!

Texas GOP Chairman James Dickey was the featured guest speaker:

Mr. Dickey is very passionate about election season. He says it is crucial to continue to register and educate citizens because there are currently over 16 million voters in Texas. The Republican Party is the most grassroots party in the country; we will get the job done!

“We’re delivering victory together in 2020… to do so, we have to make sure that there are adequately staffed poll watchers this primary season.”

“I am running for re-election because together we can deliver victory in Texas not just now, but for many generations to come!”

“Do you like results? Do you like action? Because that’s what the Republican Party has.”

God Bless Texas & Keep Texas RED!!!