Property owners in Texas, from first time buyers to our senior citizens, feel like property taxes are consuming the vast majority of their funds. Renting your property from the government is the reality for most homeowners after the tax bill has come due.

The latest appraisals continue to show how badly our system is broken. There is an absolute lack of accountability to taxpayers and it’s time for change. I believe we should look at the following initiatives to #StopAppraisalAbuse:

🗳 Change state law to make Chief Appraisers an elected position.
📜 Strengthen taxpayer rights to challenge appraiser assessment for increases which cannot be substantiated by local comparables.
🚫 Restrict Appraisal District comparable property valuation determinations to utilize local properties only.
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Provide stronger taxpayer protections for parcels passed down to family.
📝 Provide comprehensive guidance to the comptroller for use in establishing fair practices and procedures, and in addressing appraisals during times of disaster/emergency.

Citizens have a right to accountability. I have fought in prior sessions to change the office of the Chief Appraiser to elected status. Getting this accomplished needs to be a priority issue for the 87th Legislature. More to follow.

I look forward to working with other lawmakers to restore control to the taxpayer and value to the process. It’s time to stop appraisal abuse in our communities.