AUSTIN— Representative Cecil Bell, Jr. is pleased to announce the launch of his new District 3 website. Believed to be the first of its kind in the Texas House, it will serve to bring news from the Capitol back home to the residents of Waller and Montgomery Counties on the issues of the state that will impact them directly as taxpayers.

“It’s a great thing when people are informed of what is happening with their government. Sadly, this is not always the case,” declared Rep. Bell. “I am excited to increase communication with my constituents. The greater transparency will better everyone, giving citizens the chance to form opinions on laws that will affect their lives and allowing me to more closely represent them.”

Already, the site features a newsletter, Rep. Bell’s stances on several issues, summaries of meetings and briefings happening in Austin, and local issues impacting District 3. Potential legislation and an explanation of Representative Bell’s voting record will be covered extensively during the upcoming session.

By House policy, the website cannot be listed. Please contact Rep. Bell’s office for more information.