The media wants to convince you that Texas is heading the wrong direction on Coronavirus. That’s why they keep talking about our increase in numbers of cases since inception. Why aren’t they providing context for citizens to evaluate how Texas is doing compared to other states with larger populations?

Look at the numbers in states with populations like California and New York. The media is not providing that referencing to Texans because the media wants Texans shut down like Californians. The reality is that those states have far worse numbers than ours and they have stayed shut down.

So what’s the end game? The Media bias is based on the desire for the government to control your business, and you and your family. I know that Texans don’t need government, or the liberal media, controlling your life. You are personally responsible and accountable for your own business, for yourself and for your family.

It’s way past time to get government — and the media — out of the way. Texans are capable of making tough choices for themselves.