Austin, TX – Earlier today in a message sent on social media, State Representative Cecil Bell Jr. announced the names of fellow House Members and Senators that had signed on to the PACT for Constitutional Sovereignty and State Sovereignty (C.R.O.S.S. PAC). Bell also issued the following statement:

“I am excited to see such an impressive and respected list of fellow Legislators sign on. I am honored to stand with them for our families, our state and our nation. As families return from vacation, I expect to get in touch with more members and release more names. It’s clear that this PACT is bigger than any individual, any House District, and any State. It is a national issue that we in Texas are simply taking the lead on. We have no intention of it stopping here.”

Bell continued, “In the end, this issue all comes down to a question of whether or not you believe in the US Constitution, and whether or not you stand for state sovereignty or against it. Nothing more and nothing less…its just that simple.”

Joining Bell in the fight to restore the Constitution include (in alphabetical order):

SENATORS: Donna Campbell (SD25), Brandon Creighton (SD4), Lois Kolkhorst (SD18), Charles Perry (SD28)

REPRESENTATIVES: Dwayne Bohac (HD138), John Cyrier (HD17), Gary Elkins (HD135), Allen Fletcher (HD130), Ken King (HD88), Will Metcalf (HD16), Rick Miller (HD26), Jim Murphy (HD133), Gilbert Pena (HD144), Matt Shaheen (HD66), Drew Springer (HD68), James White (HD19), Molly White (HD55)

The PACT for the Constitutional Restoration of State Sovereignty (C.R.O.S.S. PAC) provides an action plan for citizens to engage politically and join their voices in the effort to address the egregious challenges of our day and achieve a single mission – to constitutionally restore our state sovereignty.