The Issues

Secure The Border

This session Cecil voted to spend $1.2 billion on border security, including continuing the completion of the Trump Wall. Since his first legislation session, he has supported funding border security, stopping the smuggling of narcotics and human sex trafficking by ruthless trans-national drug cartels. Cecil’s commitment remains protecting Texans by funding law and order on the border.

Defend 2nd Amendment Rights:

Cecil knows every law-abiding citizen has the right to defend their lives and their loved ones. He is A-Rated by the NRA and TSRA. He has carried and successfully passed pro 2A legislation and has a strong voting record. In the last session he voted for constitutional carry restoring 2A rights lost in the 1870s, and fighting the liberal agenda to grab guns and create gun-free zones that would make victims of innocent Texans. Cecil’s pledge: protect all your rights, including your 2nd Amendment rights.

Stop Runaway Property Taxes

Cecil voted to limit the growth in local taxes, requiring a vote of the people for local government to raise taxes by more than four percent. He has voted for property tax relief to slow the growth of local increases, and he authored legislation to expand the appraisal cap to include all forms of property.

Stand with Veterans

Our servicemen and women risk life and limb to protect our freedom, which is why Cecil has always supported better benefits for heroes who wore the uniform. He authored legislation protecting disabled veterans from losing their home to property taxes when that home was donated to the veteran. Cecil has supported better healthcare and tuition benefits for our warriors, and making it easier for them to reintegrate into the local economy when they retire from service.

Ensure Every Graduate is Career- or College-Ready

Cecil has led in authoring legislation that ensures high school students have strong certificate and licensing opportunities through career-and-technology courses. He knows students need multiple pathways to success, because not every high school graduate is destined for a four-year program.

Protect Innocent Life

Cecil voted for landmark legislation, SB 8, that protects unborn children after six weeks of pregnancy. This Texas law, which has remained in place under Supreme Court review, is saving lives. Cecil has consistently voted to protect life because all human life is sacred, and should be protected from conception to natural death.

Protect Property Rights

Protect Property Rights A staunch defender of private property rights, Cecil has worked tirelessly to stop the high-speed rail train entity from using eminent domain and has worked to protect all Texans including rural farmers and ranchers from arrogant land grabs. He believes eminent domain should only be used for public projects, in the least disruptive manner possible.

Forced Annexation

Cecil has worked hard in passing legislation to protect Texans from the atrocity of forced annexation. Volunteer annexation is acceptable and annexation can still be accomplished by a vote of impacted citizens.