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TEXANS BEWARE! The Texas Central Railway (TCR) originally said eminent domain was not a part of the high speed rail plan. Now TCR is asking the Feds to accelerate their efforts to take the private property rights of Texans. TCR has also said that this project was viable as a “for profit” venture that would not require government subsidies. Now it sounds like the TCR plan for high speed rail could include taking Texas taxpayers for a ride. How much will people pay for a one way train fare? How many travelers will have to use the train at that fare to be viable? Can TCR entice frequent flyers to take the train, instead? How many drivers will pay airfare prices to spend hours driving to train terminals, waiting to board trains, and then on alternative transportation to reach their final destinations? Keep reading for the opportunity to answer these questions for yourself.

Local and county entities anticipate increased costs associated with dividing the service areas along the route. TCR claims their annual property tax payments will offset any cost to these entities and cover the lost tax revenue. If TCR loses money, all Texans will foot the bill. [Scroll down to use the FREE calculator below.]

1 – Revenue is Passengers multiplied by Fare.
2 – Cost projection for Principal and Interest based on $10B TCR Construction Estimate, at bond rates.
3 – Cost projection for high risk private capital.
4 – Cost projection for M&O. Estimated at .50 per passenger mile. M&O does not include any costs for property taxes or other costs except those above.
5 – Income / $-Loss Should your state and federal dollars subsidize this project?

Links to Independent References
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SW Airline Ticket Pricing
TXDOT Report Projecting 3.3m Passengers Fly Annually Between HOU/DFW

This project is a highly questionable proposition. While most projects promise future “value” in access to new roads, or conventional rail lines, dividing Texas is the TCR promise. It is my opinion that TCR offers no benefit to Texans or to the 240 miles of Texas property negatively impacted.

Texans Must Act Now: TCR is strongly promoting their agenda in Washington and Austin. The Surface Transportation Board (STB) and the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) are hearing claims of compliance with the federal requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). TCR says they have satisfied the NEPA requirements in determining final route selection yet the lack of interaction with local citizens and elected officials should cause every Texan to question that claim.

TCR has threatened Texas property owners along the proposed route with the threat of using the courts to take their property. TCR is already using the courts to force property owners to allow survey crews on private property.

Bottom Line: This project has no profitable comparison in the world. TCR wants to use eminent domain to take the property of Texans for a project with all the earmarks of a losing proposition. Make your voice heard – Say NO to TCR’s access to eminent domain and taxpayer dollars by calling your US Congressman and Senators, State Representatives and Senators, and local officials today!

God Bless Texas!

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