It’s an honor to be named one of the MVPs of the Texas Legislature by the Rural Friends of Electric Cooperatives. I am especially grateful to be recognized as a “dependable ally” for electric co-ops and rural Texans. This last session, I helped pass... read more

My days, like yours can get really busy. I prefer to take advantage of Early Voting and did so today when I cast my ballot in the Republican primary. Friday (Feb. 21st) is the deadline for applying for a mail-in ballot. And early voting continues through ... read more

It’s hard to believe that every single Democratic candidate vying to take on Sen. John Cornyn is claiming they are pro-family while at the same time supporting abortion. Some of them even support abortion through the third trimester. I am proud to be en... read more

Early voting starts in a week on Tuesday, Feb. 18th. Below are the links to the Montgomery and Waller county election websites for HD3. Selecting the sample ballot will show all local, county, state and federal races being held. Only the races in your pre... read more

As expected, this scam of an impeachment is finally over and the president has been exonerated. With that said, I don’t think President Trump will be ripping up any impeachment papers as a result. Instead, I believe he will continue to do what he... read more