SB 772 Bill

Honored to vote for SB 772. The bill protects business owners who allow handguns on their private property from lawsuits or the risk of increased liability. The bill protects the 2nd Amendment right of gun owners and protects private property rights. As a


HB 3601 Bill

Honored to author HB 3601 which facilitates establishing college degree plans for all Texas Military Department troops including TX Army National Guard, TX Air National Guard and TX State Guard which are aligned with required training for troops. Texas co


SB 2 Bill

I was Honored to co-author and vote for HB 2, the tax reform bill providing taxpayers with greater local control over property tax revenue increases, tax protests, and process and increased access to transparency.


SB 7 Bill

Honored to be a House co-author of SB 7 which will provide much-needed funding for flood mitigation, ongoing recovery efforts and future disaster response including policy guidance. #Txlege


HB 16 Bill

I was honored to join my House and Senate colleagues this morning standing with Chairman Jeff Leach and with Senator Lois Kolkhorst in support of HB 16 and against infanticide.


Honoring our men and women who serve

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the effects of soaring property taxes and about the legislation I introduced to rein in runaway appraisal values. House Bill 167 would limit appraisal increases to 5 percent for all real property – not just the residenti


Reducing the Property Tax Burden

I believe that a person’s home is their castle. Unfortunately, the current appraisal system too often puts homeowners in a position where rapid growth in annual property tax bills ultimately forces Texans out of their homes. [READ MORE]

February Newsletter

On On January 10th, 2017, Representative Bell was sworn in as your State Representative. He was honored to be appointed as Vice-Chair of the Land and Resource Management Committee and is excited about this position and looks forward to serving in this new

Bell Launches Texas High Speed Rail Calculator

Is the train really profitable? You be the judge. Today State Representative Cecil Bell launched the Texas High Speed Rail Calculator. It is the first publicly available tool to measure the profit/loss of the proposed high speed rail, giving Texans direct

What else is on the Republican ballot March 1st?

The March primary includes candidate races ranging from Presidential to statewide to local elections. But did you know in addition to candidate races, the Republican Primary ballot also includes four (4) ballot propositions for Texas Republican voters to

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