Bell Launches Texas High Speed Rail Calculator

Is the train really profitable? You be the judge. Today State Representative Cecil Bell launched the Texas High Speed Rail Calculator. It is the first publicly available tool to measure the profit/loss of the proposed high speed rail, giving Texans direct

What else is on the Republican ballot March 1st?

The March primary includes candidate races ranging from Presidential to statewide to local elections. But did you know in addition to candidate races, the Republican Primary ballot also includes four (4) ballot propositions for Texas Republican voters to

Capitol Update: February 15th

Early voting for the primary election begins tomorrow, February 16, and runs through Friday, February 26. There are two ways to vote early: in person or by mail.  Most early voting locations are open from 7am to 7pm. If you are a registered, eligibl

November Ballot Explained

Texas election season is rapidly approaching and it is important to be an informed voter. This year’s November 3, 2015, statewide ballot will include seven proposed constitutional amendments. If approved by Texas voters, those amendments will become par


Rep. Bell Hosts First Pastor Day at the Capitol

On Tuesday, Representative Bell hosted several pastors from the community for a first-of-its-kind Pastor Day at the Capitol. Also in attendance was Representative Keough, himself a pastor. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the state of the state

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